Posted by: peterhact | February 22, 2009

on the beach….

so here we are. on holiday, at the beach. we have argued a lot today, items were left at home that we needed, not a lot of sleep last night getting the nokia system to allow me to connect via next g at 460kbps, arguing re packing, sleep time left and where my wife was at 1.00am.

The kids took to their sleeping arrangements like ducks to water – being pursued by a great white….. they finally fell asleep at 10pm.

my wife has passed out on the lounge. she was talking to me in a non committal fashion, but her heart wasn’t in it… she wants us to work, but the arguing isn’t getting us anywhere. I do really love her, but I feel as if I have cabin fever sometimes.

Tomorrow, we are going to the beach. the place we are staying at is 2 streets back, which is a bit of a bummer, I would love to see the surf in the morning.


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