Posted by: peterhact | March 31, 2009

and now it is the 2nd half of my year

Well, the order I was waiting on came in. 12-months after I started working on it. Talk about a long life-cycle!

Now, i can focus on the other things I need to do. My priorities will be to help out at home more, and take some pressure off my wife, and start to look as to where we should be moving to. whether in Canberra, or not, I need to start to focus on the long term goals we have set and where we are now, as opposed to where we should be.

The future in the IT industry will be defined by the actions of the resellers. If they stick to selling tin, they will never grow. we need to create a future mindset of diversification, and provide all the tools and resources to help them do just that.

I was speaking to a competitor the other day, we were interrupted by one of his colleagues, who demanded to know why he was talking to me. As he said, and i agree, if the opportunity comes whereby we are helping our clients fight against another brand, and we are representing the same brand, at the end of the day, if we succeed, the brand succeeds. and that is better for us all.

Time to get all the ducks lined up. lots to do now, and not much time to do it.


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