Posted by: peterhact | April 1, 2009

trepidation kicking in….

Today is the day I go to my specialist. He doesn’t scare me, but the thought of the 6-monthly surgery does give me a twinge.

I know i need the treatment, but I really don’t enjoy having it done. It is nasty.

Imagine having a hole cut in your abdomen, and 4 grain sized implants shoved in. I would probably be happier if they let me watch, but they don’t. I am used to it now. I did try the injection that lasts for 3-months, but it goes into the gluteous maximus, and you really have trouble sitting down for weeks….

Oh, well. 

I guess I have to weigh up the discomfort against the potential health risks not having the thing done brings. I will take the treatment.


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