Posted by: peterhact | April 8, 2009

Someone was asking yesterday about a lobbyist… Do they still Exist?

In all my time of working in the IT industry in Canberra, I have never seen or used a lobbyist in my working day to day requirements. Now, with the gershon review and NBN project coming, organisations are looking to ensure that their company is in the front running. How do they use a lobbyist to do this, and where can they find one? Not as simple as the yellowpages’ “Lobbyists Section” and calling one. Or looking one up in the white pages, calling them and saying….

“hi, have i got xyz lobbyists are us?”


“oh good. can you do some lobbying work for me?”


“that’s great! can you start straight away?”


apparently, lobbyists are known to other lobbyists (not much help) and government departments (still no help) and a few competitors (not going to help)

so, where to go and what to do?

Luckily, i know a couple. I don’t use them, but I am certain I can contact them if i ever need to.

Glad i don’t have to think about this on a daily basis….


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