Posted by: peterhact | June 2, 2009

so much info, so little brain capacity…

I am learning about all these new products every day. they are exciting, and new updates happen everyday. what happens when I cannot remember something I learned today in a week’s time? I will be taking notes, using reminders in my calendar to be able to recall the info. There is a lot of stuff I need to know, but not so much time in the day to learn it. I am not looking at changing my work / life balance, I am going to bed at 2am, any extra work and i will be sleeping at my desk…

this is most definitely a bad thing. Now, silly season is upon us. I wonder when the message will sink in that I really cannot dedicate time to learning, as my clients are scrabbling for the sales, and I have to support them as quickly and accurately as I can?


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