Posted by: peterhact | June 30, 2009

One nation. Of Diversity

I have noticed a blog about the banning of head wear and other clothes that muslim women wear. the person who has written it was, in my mind, an educated and intelligent person. Until this post.

Now, I have no right as a man to tell a woman what to wear and when. It is their right and their choice and their body to do what they want. As long as it has no negative impact on me, I don’t care. If it has an impact on me, then i need to understand the reasons that they are doing what they do. Not to argue, but to gain an understanding of their diverse approach to life.

what if we lived in a world that said, if you live in this country, you cannot wear what you feel happiest in, be it a mumu, traditional sarong, or other clothing that was against the norm of western society or culture? every one would wear boring clothes, and not know that they were. individuality wouldn’t exist, and anyone who overstepped the boundaries would be persecuted. sound familiar? the cronulla riots were a wake up to us all. we were starting to head back to the dark place where if you weren’t white or at least followed the behaviour as dictated by the leader, you shouldn’t be here.

I agree that new immigrants should have a basic understanding of this country, but not to the detriment of their heritage and customs, or be made to forsake their heritage.

I mean that the ability to read, write and articulate basic understanding between people should be enough to allow someone to join our nation. 

the diverse nature of this country makes us all better for it. there are continual changes to the concepts that are the norm, and these are influenced by new ideas and behaviours, brought to us from other countries.


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