Posted by: peterhact | August 4, 2009

Jaded. In Moderation.

I have been put into moderation on one of the forums that i post on. I don’t like being in moderation. I don’t think anyone does. I did not swear or break any of the forum rules, but i did make a couple of glib comments, and that was enough. Into moderation i went. I have made comment before on the differentiation between the moderator’s personal views and the true moderation of a site, but this time, on the receiving end of a mod queue, I just don’t understand how the moderator can keep me in there still. But here is the thing.

I am a paying member. I have paid to be moderated. I am paying money that I can use elsewhere in order to keep the forum alive, and my money pays for my moderation. or the wage of the moderator. well, not for much longer.


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