Posted by: peterhact | October 30, 2009

another poem – short, and most rewarding.

Hotel view

I look out of the window,
at the vista of skyscrapers,
framed by the beach,
and the setting sun.

so cramped,
these lives of others
trapped in their units,
some don’t see the beach at all.

I step out,
on to the balcony,
and listen to the life far below,
and smell tropical flowers
their perfume is relaxing me.

on the far horizon,
there is a storm,
dulled by the distance,
it is a pretty light show.

the storm is getting closer,
but I can smell the rain,
feel the cool breeze,
and I wait for it to arrive.

The light show intensifies,
flashes that seem of blue, pink or white,
and i go inside,
lying on the bed,
watching the storm and the sunset.

it is a peaceful place.
Peter Holland 4.45am 31/10/09


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