Posted by: peterhact | January 14, 2010

Time is upon me to grow up and out

I realized today that of all the things I can do, chasing an old dream is probably the stupidest. I thought that by including my ex in my life, she would see “reason” and come back to me.

That is never going to happen.

The telling point for me was yesterday -I had to ask her about the long weekend, and, as she had phoned me during the day a couple of times, I thought I could call her back and it would be ok. How wrong I was. She got angry with me, as she was busy. During the day, I was busy too. But I took the time to listen to her, when she called.

I realized that she had changed. She wasn’t the same caring person I knew, she was selfish.

And today, I just stopped caring.

She can do what she wants. I don’t know why I tried to keep her, and so I set myself free.



  1. That’s a stage you have to go through – realising that it’s not the same anymore, and you have to adjust.

  2. That sux. The way I cope is to think of that man I once loved as being dead and the new person inhabiting his body to be a different soul. He is now someone I do not know. A stranger.

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