Posted by: peterhact | February 23, 2010

Things that you see in Hospital

My son had an asthma attack, on Saturday. I went in to relieve my wife and spend some time with my sad, scared little boy, and spent the night on both Sunday and Monday day and night with him. Sunday was pretty harrowing, he really didn’t sleep well, but Monday he slept pretty much right through. I slept fitfully, both nights. I haven’t had a lot of sleep, but I got to see a remarkable team of nurses, and doctors,  who looked after my little man and me as if we were the only people there. I am extremely grateful to them, as they listened to me about how he would take medication, and they let him out yesterday to play in the playroom, or, as he called it the car room. (there were toy ride-on cars in the balcony area)

One of the people I met there has a son who has lived his entire life at the hospital, life has dealt him a hard deck, but despite his obstacles, as I told his mother, he is a fighter. He cannot communicate as you or I can, but she knows what he wants, and she is there with him every morning, and every night, often till quite late. The funny thing is that she told me that she recently got a job, but if she couldn’t balance time with her son and work, work would have to go. This is the kind of parent that is never noticed, but I am sure that I am not alone in my praise for her dedication.

She is a muslim, and was singing a couple of songs to her son in Arabic, even though my son didn’t understand the words, he was still comforted by the songs, and I thank her for the fact that my son was able to sleep better for her singing them. She was a very attractive woman, and I marveled at her strength. I only hope that there is someone out there who is supporting her, she would really need it. Her son’s birthday is coming up, I wish him many happy returns for the day, and to his mother, I am sure he knows of the great job she does for him.

She was surprised I am sure when i told her he was a fighter, but to be there after all he has been through, she must be sick and tired of the judgement in other people’s eyes, and I am certain that he knows exactly what is going on around him, he just cannot articulate it. Being a premmie baby, I am certain that if we survive birth, any other obstacles thrown in our way can be overcome. And he is a very brave little boy.

I was humbled to think that for all of my faults, I can still tell the ones that I love that I do love them, and that they enrich my lives every day…


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