Posted by: peterhact | April 17, 2010

After the ’03 Fires

I thought it might be an idea to do an after the fires update. For the people who have already read my recollections of the fires post, here is what has happened since:

I cannot stand the smell of eucalyptus burning. I cannot stand the sight of a blood red sun. I really can’t understand why idiots still continue to drop smokes out of the window of their cars, in summer and now, even though it is autumn. (everything is still dry, you know)

The fires brought complete strangers together, showed us our strong sides, but also showed us that there are vultures in our midst. Looters ransacked belongings that were spared following the days after the fires, and I am sure got away with a lot of people’ s jewellery, cash and clothes. There wasn’t a case of meet the neighbors and that was it, we all kept in contact, and looked after each other.

The fires showed that there are people for political or personal gain who are prepared to do or say anything. there was an independent inquest, but the decision was challenged in the court. The money wasted for the challenge could have gone to the people who lost everything, but it didn’t. By the way, every person who re-built had to pay GST on their rebuilds, even if the money was only coming from insurance. Nice way to help the public? what is the point of a government who didn’t seem to care about the voters?

There was, recently, a class action against the ACT government. There is also the government putting up a waive of no confidence vote for the chief minister, and having it accepted by the greens. So even if the actions of the chief minister are extremely damaging to the ACT and its constituents, we cannot vote him out during a term.  I bet the greens regret that decision.


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