Posted by: peterhact | April 17, 2010

Look at your own cities when you want to donate and do good.

I understand why some people donate money to children and families overseas. I understand that charities are sending our money overseas to help the unfortunates there. Why, however, aren’t we being told about the hundreds of children being turned away from refuges in the many towns and cities across Australia?

I have seen first-hand, when I was younger, the ways some people survive in the dead of a Canberra winter. In those days, if you left a door ajar in an office block, and me and my mates were quick enough, we could sleep in the stairwell. Not the warmest place, but it had a couple of benefits. One, the police didn’t know you were there, and left you alone, not moving you on. Two, you knew that you could sleep without being disturbed – and nobody would be going through your pockets as they did at the refuges. Three, you knew that you would survive the night.

If you couldn’t get a stairwell sleeping spot, you would pack your clothes with newspapers – yes, people actually do that, and find a cardboard box to sleep on. Some people would sleep in clothing bins – charity bins, but I was never one of them – some bastards would throw a burning rag into the bins to burn the clothes, or throw bags of waste into them. Let’s just call it waste…

We hear of people found dead on ovals, from the cold, but they weren’t killed by cold, they were killed by ignorance. Many of the people I knew back in those days believed that if you got drunk, you heated up. They would pool their cash for a bottle of Royal Reserve Port. They would all drink it till they felt warm. Then, as hypothermia and dehydration was setting in, they would huddle together and go to sleep. Some times, they woke up. some other times, we couldn’t wake them. we would have to brave the dreaded talking to the cops to get them some help. The standard line was usually “we are here on holidays from Brisbane”, and we would have an address worked out that someone knew…

If we had been given access to a roof over our heads, 3 meals a day and heating, maybe we would have been able to survive without resorting to handouts, couch surfing at mates places, and the worst of all, sleeping in condemned buildings. At this stage, Melba Flats were being torn down. Funny thing was that the power hadn’t been cut, so we were living in the flats for about a month before they put on a security guard. We still lived there, but worked out how to avoid him.

What is all this about?

Currently, kids much younger than I was are being turned away from refuges. They have nowhere to go. they have no possessions, no money, nothing. There are a couple of options for them, young girls in particular can get work on the streets. But that is not something I want to think about. I would prefer to donate some of my hard earned so that these kids have a chance. And we need the Government to do the same. The local government needs to introduce more accommodation for these people, and make sure that it doesn’t create an environment whereby the predators get a fresh supply to young meat. Because these evil swine exist, they do live in refuges, and they strike when the charity authorities are not fully aware of what is going on. Don’t get me wrong, the Charity and Govt officials that run these centres are fantastic, but the culture, the interaction with the other people living there isn’t pretty all of the time.

What I do is donate money to these organizations.  What i would like to see is many more people doing exactly the same. I would love to see the government providing greater funding to help these refuges, and, perhaps, education programs to help these kids get back into mainstream society with a future.



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