Posted by: peterhact | March 17, 2011

My Full Moon Theory

Okay. So here is my full moon theory. When the moon is full, the people that visit retail stores, cafes restaurants and any other public area are made up of two types. The everyday folk, like you and I, and the Crazies.

This is based on observations over the past 10 odd years. I can remember seeing them come in, phoning up, and it was always on a similar tangent – there would be someone at the company who was a spy, a bad person, and they had to simply tell someone. Why won’t we listen to them?? They would also be looking for a fictitious technology, and to report that our cameras in the air ducts were talking to them.

Tyre Kickers would abound. I remember we had names for them – the train guy, the paranoid, the wierd red haired lady, there were many, and we made sure that the new guy got to meet and deal with them – it was a sort of initiation. These tyre kickers were the absolute worst – they were impervious to every trick we had learnt to disengage, and, if you made a mistake and asked them about their particular hobby, then you were stuck, listening to them discuss every single product or concept.

It wasn’t just in retail that you encounter them. They are in cafes, I saw one guy once who was screaming at the waitress that he needed his back to the wall so that no-one could “sneak up” on him. I am certain she wanted a wall between him and her. or one wall that blocked him off from the other patrons.

The worst example of the Full moon effect is at night, out on the town, where people who are mates suddenly turn on each other, starting fights, dragging in passerby, and generally creating mayhem. Maybe it is a hard concept to take in, but mates of mine in the police, firies and ambos all agree that a hot night with a full moon seems to increase the number of incidents that they have to deal with. Just a full moon is bad enough.

Parties in the suburbs end after neighbors start fighting and complaining about the noise. They also may include fires – bonfires, and, from somewhere, large fireworks go off. The sound is like a mortar going off. The screaming, the fights, the fireworks, this all adds to the stress that the neighbors are under. Strangely, not many end their parties early, but wait for the police to rock up about the noise – it seems to be a badge of honour.

I feel sorry for the families, the members of our police, ambulance service and the lesser known people in the mess of full moon, the Taxi Drivers. These people have to deal with parties gone wrong, fights in clubs, in the street, abusive clients, patrons and the fare dodgers. I can recall that there were several cab drivers that would avoid working a full moon weekend, they told me that the risk was greater than the reward.

Maybe you have experienced a full moon incident, maybe not. I believe that it is a phenomenon that some members of humainty are effected by the full moon. it could be coincidence, but I really doubt it.


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