Posted by: peterhact | September 29, 2011

Neglect, loss, failure, PMA.

Neglect – I have neglected my blogs, to the point where coming back here is like coming back to an old friend, one you have thought about but just haven’t had the time or the inclination to look up.

This was my first blog, my personal journey as I worked through all manner of problems, joys, lows and items of interest about me.

Loss – I seemed to have lost my way. I knew where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, but, in the noise of life, it seemed to slip quietly away. For example, I was working at a company where I was valued, and I now keenly feel that loss. My current employer probably values me, but I am too wrapped up in my life outside of work, the personal problems, to really pay attention to anything else.

Failure – In being wrapped up with my spiral of neglect, loss and failure, I have slipped down, out of control. I stopped counting the wins, and focused on the failures. Negativity was my catch-cry, and I became muted, stunted, powerless to change it. I have not hit rock bottom, but it is only an instant away if I let it be.

So I am pulling up my socks, looking at me from the outside and kicking myself in the arse.  sorry, but it has to be said. It isn’t a nice word, but it is accurate.

Which leads me to PMA. I can refer to it as PMA, but this may cast aspersions as to what I am talking about – and it certainly isn’t a disease or old age problem.

It is a solution to an Age-Old problem – it changes your life, if you let it.

PMA – (Positive Mental Attitude) So today, I was cold calling some clients and a couple of people that I used to deal with, many years ago, when a thought struck me. I was totally doing it all wrong. I took some time to re-read a very old and tattered book, one I have had since I was a teen. Then, inspiration hit me and I attacked the task with gusto. Of the ten calls I made, 9 were no. 1 was a yes, and I found myself buoyed up by that solitary yes.

I feel like I am back again.

So I won’t be neglecting any of my blogs except for the $%#! poetry blog – taking it slowly and the poetry I want to write is pretty dark still…

Onward and Upward.



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