Posted by: peterhact | November 20, 2011


I took my kids for a drive last weekend, we went to a fete, we bought some things there and then, on a whim, I took them to see the areas I knew as a kid, with my family. We drove out the Uriarra road, and stopped at the picnic area, which to me, did not seem much different to when I was a kid – there were a few trees missing, but the fires did damage the area, and there were casuarinas standing tall, creating shade.

I wanted them to see what I had, but there were a few surprises – Mt Stromlo observatory is visible from the road, and it was always hidden by the roadside trees. We drove past an area that showed the cotter dam expansion, the kids loved the cranes, but I had to concentrate on avoiding the large pieces of tyres on the road, I wish that the government would build a dragway so that people who want to blow their tyres can do so without leaving debris on public roads.

Cotter bend looks the same, but the cotter playground is shut while the dam is enlarged. bit of a disappointment, but water is precious, and we need more and more every year…

So I took them to Tharwa, I showed them the General Store, where we always stopped for a cold drink when I was young, and then in later years when coming home from Booroomba station, when I was working there with my mates on school holidays. Mr Jeffrey is still there, although a tad older than I remember him. We then came home, hitting suburbia at Banks, they saw the maccas sign at lanyon, and then my daughter pointed out black mountain… It seems that it doesn’t matter how old you are, when you can see telstra tower, you are home.

I suppose that you could call this the synopsis of the poem I just wrote, but it is a case of explaining what prompted the poem. I am a bit rusty, but poetry hits me still, from time to time…


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