Posted by: peterhact | November 20, 2011

The Coffee Table Book

I have always looked at coffee table books, with their images and short comments and thought “If I had a book like that, I would fill it with images that I create.”

When i first got my Apple Macbook Pro, I started mucking around with photos of the weather that I had made over the time in my house – the house that I had bought with my then wife. (she is my wife still, but only because we haven’t had the divorce) There are storms, cloud patterns and a flower, the flower was there after a storm, it positively stood out in a sea of sunlight.

I created a coffee table book of my photos. I sent them off to Apple in a book layout for publishing and became the proud owner of a book made with my endeavors – it was a hard bound picture book, an example of what I can achieve if I let the creativity out. I showed everyone who showed an interest in my book what it was, where the photos came from and what I felt was my inspiration for the book…

I never thought of it as a coffee table book, but that was mainly because I didn’t own a coffee table, and, with children, a coffee table needs to be strong, the book even more so. It became just another book. Some of the images got used by me for other things, my blogs have images from the series of photos, and it is an insight into what the book looks like.

Now, I am selling this wonderful house, as the step to divorce seems ever closer. The old, smelly and grumpy cat knows something is up, I keep chucking him out on the weekend to lurk in the garage, but I know he really doesn’t mind where we live as long as he has access to Food and a bed. Kitty litter is optional as he delights in leaving presents in the flower beds.

The coffee table book looks like it will have a permanent home, as one of the plans I have is to have a coffee table in my new home, wherever that is. The kids like the idea of the book on display, they love the images as much as I do, and as my daughter told me this morning, it will mean a bit of the old house is trapped forever in the new house…

So that is that. All is left is to sell this house and find a new house to live in that meets the approval of 3 kids and a cat. (my preferences apparently aren’t important, but if the kids don’t like the new house, they have promised to work in league with the cat to make me suffer)

I am looking forward to see what this will entail as the cat is pretty sneaky at the best of times, and with the combined deviousness of the kids, there will be some fun times ahead.

All I know is that through all the choices, the promise of a coffee table is sounding pretty good, and the book, if books could feel, would be pretty excited to be on permanent display…



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