Posted by: peterhact | March 2, 2012

A few home truths about the weather – a cat perspective

Currently, it is raining. It has been raining for some time. The garden is wet, the concrete is wet, the garage, on the other hand, is bone dry. Therein lies the problem. A cat does not like water. ever. they will drink it, but they don’t like it on their fur. Imagine being someone who stands about a foot off the ground, it has been raining, the grass has grown and the attractive garage is across a sea of water with grass standing up in it. Never going to make it.

Cats are not ballerinas, but they can walk on tippy toes. To see the cat version of swan lake is very amusing. tip, tip, tip, tip, splosh, splosh, stop. pause. think. lean forward. dab at puddle. shake paw. hmm. (there is a break in the rain at this point) tip, splosh, splosh, leap, splash. paddle, retreat, concrete, run, stop. hmm.

(another attempt) tip, tip, tip, tip, splosh, splosh, look up, (cloudburst) skitter, slide, scrabble, concrete, run, puddle, stop, hmm. Give up.

Very disconcerting is how the small people are ok in the rain, and can chase the cat into the rain, knowing full well he will head for shelter. They will be great managers, they can herd cats. Last time, he made a mistake and had to cat paddle over to the cubby house, climbing out and looking like a very small and sad looking cat. Stress fluffyitis does not work when you are a wet cat. hissing just gets drowned out by the rain, and you end up looking dejected.

if you add wind to the rain, cats just give up. Current places of relative safety include inside, which he has forsaken and has decided outside is far more fun, and a chair under a pergola with a glass table as a barrier for wayward droplets.

Yowling at the weather has become a standard. Blaming me for the weather is a secondary direction, but as I cannot control the weather, this is identified as pointless. yowling is just a release for anger and frustration. unfortunately, yowling now drives me nuts. there is nothing I can do about the weather. he gets this. yowling means that I have less sympathy for him, I have offered to throw him at the general direction of the garage, he could waterski to the door, but he isn’t as keen as I am for this to be a working solution.

Cats like sunny, warm weather. So, I might add, do humans.

Ah. the rain has started again. so has the yowling. I need to turn on the outside light so I know where to throw him…


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