Posted by: peterhact | March 14, 2012

The search has begun…

Now that we have to face the sale of the house, I am already looking for a suitable alternative house for me, the kids and the Search and Destroy Cat module. One thing that is a bit of a regret is that you can’t take furry overlords to house exhibitions. My furry overlord has been very specific on his desires in the new house. A courtyard would be nice, with shelter from the wind and the rain, a cat room (laundry) and a large enough space for maddies.

It isn’t as easy as I thought. A year ago, there were heaps of houses on the market, a plethora of options. Now, the numbers are dwindling and my modest budget has been stretched to cover more expensive places. It has to be done.

I want a garage, the cat doesn’t care. I want a bit of backyard, the cat wants an acre. I can just see me mowing an acre. on a ride on, chasing the cat and swearing.

So we have two opinions on the next house. Then there are the kids. they want:

1. 4 bedrooms,

2. 2 toilets,

3. a playroom,

4. an acre of backyard (I am certain the cat has been talking to them)

and 5. a ride on mower.

Lets see…

1. no.

2. no.

3. maybe

4. no.

5. not on your life.

I am seeing houses without them for two valid reasons. One, kids cannot keep their hands in their pockets and must touch everything in a house, especially when it isn’t theirs. Two, I don’t want to have my son tell the agent that “we will take it”, then chuck a tantrum when I say “no, we won’t”. I took them to one exhibition. It was one too many. I was more stressed out about what they were doing than paying attention to the layout of the place.

I was convinced it was Our Next House, till I realised that the entrances to the bedrooms were at an angle, creating a wedge at the end of the hall. Furniture would be impossible to get in, unless I bought new futon styled beds for them. Not a chance. The bathroom was too small to swing a cat in, (don’t tempt me) and the backyard was a sea of shrubs. The property backed onto a reserve. Now, there are two things that come out of reserves, both very unattractive in their own ways. The first is snakes, which would be lost in the shrubs, only to appear when I did not expect or need them to. The second is fires. The reserve is on the side of a hill, and after the Canberra Fires, I am not going through that again.

I found one that ticked my boxes. Contacted the bank, they said no. contacted a lender, they said maybe. Please provide your info, they said. Oh. Ok.

And that is where we are up to. except that the house has been sold, so I have to find a lender and another house. Then a removalist.

The S&D Cat module thinks its pretty funny. I suggested a cattery till I have found a new place. Not amused. at all.


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