Posted by: peterhact | March 15, 2012

Distant family connections

I am not talking about ancestors, or 3rd cousins twice removed, I am talking about the behaviors of families to split and move away from the hometown. I was born in Adelaide, but have lived everywhere else – I was only a little tacker when we left Elizabeth.

This has had a profound impact on my family associations. My cousins in Adelaide, My Aunts, Uncles & Grandparents were always so far away, never an easy trip, but always a phone call. Then, as I grew up, these connections got fewer and fewer. When I got married, we all came together again. I really didn’t know these people – I had changed, they had changed and the distance had become too far between the past and the future.


There was always someone I could call – someone who understood me. She told me to get a hobby, after my separation, and to just try and stop being so serious. My Grandmother was one in a million. It was her suggestion that made me pick up a camera and take photos. It was her who told me that people portraits wasn’t really my thing, and that I should just concentrate on landscapes. She was the first person I told when I captured lightning in a photo for the first time.






This morning,


She passed away.



I had chatted to her about a week ago, she was chipper, upbeat and having a great time at the nursing home. She had made some friends and it was all going well. She was glad I called. It had been a very long while between calls and I am certain she knew what was coming.


It was only after talking to my Grandma about life and death, when i was young and scared, that I realised it was inevitable. I can’t fight it, prevent it or fear it. I just need to know that one day all this will end, and the world will keep on spinning, my kids will be adults, maybe my grandkids will be too; when it is my turn.

Maybe, I will have great grandkids like my grandma did.



In Memoriam

Dulcie. E. M. Wilkinson

15th march 2012

95 Years old.

Thank you for showing me that there is always a smile to be had, at christmas, at the birth of a child, at a birthday, and to stop being so serious. I will miss you, the kids will miss Great Granny Dulcie, for I will remind them of the person you were, the love you had for your family, and how you always made me feel a part of that family, even though I lived so far away.





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