Posted by: peterhact | April 19, 2012

The Large Taloned Cat has Landed

I know, I was going to say eagle, but even eagles let go eventually. Here we are, Me and my  cat in our new home. The odd couple. one who is barricaded in a laundry until he adapts to his new environment, and me, unpacking like a maniac. Why like a maniac? well, the cat has to come out of the laundry soon, and I have to cat – proof the house first. This is just like child proofing except that children can’t run across windowsills, knocking down nicknacks and smashing great aunt such and such’s favorite antique platter. (I wouldn’t have it on a windowsill, really)

I have almost completely unpacked. most of the stuff that came with me is destined for the charity bin, I just  can’t fit a 4 bedroom house into a 3 bedroom house. So I am culling things that I have never worn / once wore / tried on and the large number of suits that I seem to have collected, well, most of them are threadbare, so there will be no recycling for them.

Then there is the matter of the ironing, there are in excess of 20 shirts I need to iron, and that doesn’t include the current number in the laundry hamper. Once I have sorted through all this work, set up the baby gates to stop the cat getting into the lounge room and shredding the lounge, I will be happy with the result. Then the kids come to visit, and everything will be everywhere once again…

He ventured outside today. He ventured around the garden, wandered past a missing paling in the fence and became mr fluffy, the highly surprised cat who has inflated to 3 times his size, tail like a bottlebrush, and who is currently levitating about 3 feet of the ground. Why? The new neighbors have a dog. This dog has seized the moment and has gained the element of surprise. S&D Cat Module is not amused.

(I barricaded myself in the house so as to have a laughing fit at his expense)

Revenge was painful. The yowling started at 10pm, and I think it ended at midnight. How wrong I was. The yowling ended (apparently) when the sun came up. He was too tired to yowl anymore, and had retired to his new igloo bed. The neighbor’s dog had barked at him all night – which had not amused his owners. Score one for the cat, zip for me.


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