Posted by: peterhact | May 22, 2012

It is all my fault… Apparently.

I was told today that it is all my fault that my marriage is over. If I had only pursued the relationship, spent more time with my wife and not with the family as a whole, we would still be together. If I had asked my wife to come home and make a go of it, she would have. Apparently, it is all my fault.

I have a problem with this.

Was I the one who started seeing another bloke who had no kids, no commitments, and who could lavish their complete attention on me?

(while I was at home looking after the kids)

Was I the one who dumped the kids on me every weekend so that I could go and be with him?

(not that I minded)

Was I the one who would text or call him whilst at the dinner table with the kids?

(that is just rude)

I was not.

I have been informed that even now, with the divorce pending, if I had asked her to come home, she would have.

The thing is, now I don’t want her to.

I have made it known that she is in this mess with another partner, that she has to make their relationship work, that I am not going to be here to catch her when or if she falls.

I have been told that she will move to melbourne, tear my kids away from me and…

it is all my fault…





  1. She can try and take the kids away, but you have the right to them just as much as she does. Don’t stop fighting for them mate!

  2. Have contacts, can kneecap. You’re too good for that shit. 😀

    • and kneecapping is only sinking to a level I don’t ever want to go to. you are better than that, too…

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