Posted by: peterhact | July 3, 2012

Winter and the best place to be in the sun….

Now it is winter, geriatric cats search for the best place to be in the sun. I can call him geriatric. He is currently a tip of a nose sticking out of a cat igloo. Canberra could have its first Earthquake and, if it involved getting out into the cold, forget it. The house could be demolished, but he would be in the damn thing.

In the new casa de S&D cat module, there are interesting areas of the garden for him to explore. (I may have bought the house, but that is what staff do, isn’t it?) He has found a perfect place to lie out of the wind in the sun, in the fresh air. We have already had a visit from the deposed tom of the neighborhood. He thought he was top cat. he probably was. he isn’t now. The S&D Cat module just opened one eye, and growled. Deposed tom was over the fence before his brain gave his legs the order to depart.

Anyway, the S&D Cat Module has found the perfect place to lie in the sun. I am already planning the Great Garden Reshuffle, complete with hedges, fences and various other improvements in the backyard. This will involve taking scraggly grass like plants away, adding specialist plants like catnip and cat grass, and creating a kid friendly area without drops off the retaining walls. One of the areas that will have to go under the shovel of doom is a little area, shielded from the wind, oh, you get the picture… I am not trying to sell the idea yet. As he is a cat of large amounts of fur, I will complete the remodeling in summer for his area, which by that time will be avoided for baking reasons. After that, the area will be fixed, sorry, was that Your Spot?, You should have told me, Oh, you are now? well, its a bit late now…

The kids have helped me with the plans, a bit of a funny exercise in itself. Cubby houses appeared everywhere. So did Cat houses. (attached to cubby houses for access and sunning on second story decks) The cubby houses were removed. so were the cat houses. the final plan has to have a vegetable garden for vegetables (obviously) and for cat emergency toilets. (uuurgh) I shudder to think what I would dig up instead of a potato.

The Great Garden Reshuffle is going to be a momentous task. The S&D Cat module is already sulking at the loss of the cat bachelor pads, all nineteen of them. The kids are equally put out as each of the cat pads had a cubby attached. If I let them all have their way, it would look like a kiddery and a cattery. The first problem that this would cause is that the house is in a residential zone. The local planning authority probably wouldn’t agree that the extra kid and cat houses are just for 3 kids, and one cat. Not to mention the visits by DoCS & the RSPCA, who are probably itching for an excuse, any excuse to remove the malnourished, unloved kitty that lives with me. They are certain that all of the S&D Cat Module chronicles are terrible lies about a fictitious cat, after all, no cat can be that bad, surely?

As far as I am concerned, the Raptor Cage is plenty of Cat house for one backyard. I haven’t told the S&D Cat Module, but my intention is to dismantle and dispose of it. I can’t afford the electricity bills that are the result of the high strength fencing, the automatic crane for lowering food in and the quick release mechanism when he is out in the garden and I need to get inside really quick.

Winter is not the best time to remodel the garden, but it is the best time when a cat igloo means a cat can’t stick more than the tip of his nose out, for fear of frostbite. He has his own room, which he graciously shares with me when I need to do the washing. He looks forward to very cold days, as I put the dryer on for my clothes, it turns the laundry into his own private steam room.

Oh, well.

Back to the plans….

I didn’t put that there. Oh, you did. We talked about that. We did. You said I was in control. Oh, I am, but I answer to you? Right. Fine. Get in your igloo. its another cold night tonight…



  1. Here is the Furry overlord in the sun:

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