Posted by: peterhact | July 18, 2012

We aren’t complaining, but the weather is a bit strange…

The S&D Cat module is having a bit of trouble with his clicky hips. In the morning, the Canberra Winter makes everything including old cats slow and grumpy. The fog is not much fun either. After all, a bird in the fog is a BIG Surprise when you are looking for a warm and comfy chair to relax on. Then, in the afternoon, after the obligatory brain roasting in the sun, cats are slow for completely different reasons. They are not cold blooded, they do get rather hot in the afternoon sun, especially with a thick winter coat. Having a bird shatter his period of calm is just not on. He suffers from a bout of fluffyitis, and the bird usually exits, not from fear of the cat, but from the cloud of hair. The damn stuff gets everywhere.

Ah, cat hair. It keeps him warm, but it also seems to be shedding, growing back, shedding, growing back and filling every small corner of the backyard with a coating of hair. If I shed that much, I would be bald. and cold. I sweep it into a mass to be thrown in the bin, like a pile of leaves for the compost bin. (cat hair doesn’t compost well) and he insists in checking it for small squeaky things, chasing through it, spreading it back around the yard. Sigh.

The weather is a bit strange, these days of double-digit sun are welcomed, but it seems to be a prelude to Something Bad. The S&D Cat Module is convinced that we are going to enter the Great Ice Age, he is prepared, he has moved the cat igloo to face away from the door, and he will be fine in the post apocalyptic days of cold. If I freeze, well, there are a few meals to be had on me. or of me. The way he looks at me, as if he is working out the choice cuts is very disturbing. Purring whilst doing it just makes it all the more unnerving, I think the day is coming where he will be the last thing I see, dribbling above me as he pins my arms to the bed. Uurgh.

Cats seem to go funny in the head as they get older, resulting in the amusing tongue hanging out or the dribble that could fill a bath. Last time we experienced a major dribbling issue, I thought that it was raining and the roof had a leak. He was right above me on the bed headboard. Thank god I don’t sleep with my mouth open. come to think of it, do I? eeew.

The kids decided at 6am to let him into the house. what they think is actually 7am isn’t. The S&D Cat Module woke me with the kneading of my chest till I was a softer, tenderised cushion. or steak. I just don’t know these days. He seems to not understand that the cat pad, the room with the igloo in it is his room. He has also started stalking the kids. They think he is playing, but I know better. If he knows where they are when the cold snap comes, he can ensure that food is close to hand. It could also be that we are about to have a very hot spring and summer. this has not yet been thought of, but spring and summer when hot leads to my ultimate cat cooling method, also called the Baby Bath of Doom. He hates that bath, but he loves being cool. It is such a struggle to fight between no bath and hot and a bath and wet but cool.

There was a frost this morning. This is not good. I hope that he is wrong, and I am right….


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