Posted by: peterhact | October 5, 2012

Cats and water

When it gets warmer, the problem of where the S&D Cat Module gets a drink from becomes apparent. Cats don’t like water, at least he doesn’t.

There are no pools, there are no ponds. Drinking water out of a bowl is fine, if it isn’t yours. I watched another cat, at another house, drink out of a bucket.

Stupidly, I assumed that all cats drink out of buckets. The bucket was overturned on the first day. He drank out of the puddle. Every morning, the bucket was put out. Every night, it was empty. I thought he was sick. Then, one morning, I put out the bucket only to hear it crash over. He was making a puddle. Aaargh! He makes the puddle, drinks in the morning and then I really don’t know what he does for water in the afternoon. Probably hits up small children or passerby for their water.

That could be a problem.

Today, when I got home, he was in the bucket. it was upside down and he was a snail cat. (if he had left the damn thing full of water, he could be drinking out of it all day, but no) I keep Breaking The Rules. Laughing at a cat, no matter how funny he appears is as bad as stepping on a tail when hanging out the washing, although it has been pointed out that when hanging out the washing, I am looking at the line, not my feet and their relative location to said tail.

He was stuck in the bucket. A hairy turtle. I couldn’t help him.

When I had wiped the tears out of my eyes and stopped laughing (finally), I tried to extricate him from the bucket. Not an easy task, as the front was filled with claws and indignation, and the back was a bucket. There was a moment where I thought he was out, but the suction dragged him back in. I threatened him with water, I squeezed the bucket, and had to retire for dettol and bandages.

Then it hit me.

Food. Food will get him out. I put food in his bowl. There was a scrabbling noise on the pavers. I imagined him dragging himself towards the bowl. errr. I cracked up again. There was an organic noise and then he was in the door, doing the snorkel maneuver that seems to be his alone. (cat is eating so fast, you expect him to pass out, the nose and mouth is in the food, no way can he be breathing)

So I need a new option. The bucket is a bad idea – it is very funny and we all know where that will end, don’t we kids?

That’s right. Dettol shares and bandages.

Maybe I could try a bird water feeder. Although, that may entice birds. And the end result is a bird phobic, dehydrated cat.

Icecream container. perfect.

Surely he couldn’t fit in that, could he? errr…

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