Posted by: peterhact | May 18, 2013


I have a couple of Hobbies. I like to cut and polish stones, I like to take photographs. The two will never become one, as photos of stones just aren’t the same.

I have recently been introduced to another person’s hobby, Fencing. (Not erecting a fence, using a sword) I had never been interested in fencing – I mean, I would watch it on a telecast of the olympics, but as for actually paying attention to the sport? not for me.

So much for that idea. Once you go to a training session, a competition, and watch these athletes (these people are not just hobbyists) as they bout, the whole thing becomes clearer that it is a sport, it is very demanding, challenging and rewarding. Pirate movies have a lot to answer for – fencing is not about swash or buckle.

I decided, with some prompting, to take photos of the fencers. I cleared it with them.

I found that I was being drawn into the strategy, the tactical approaches, the fluidity of the fencing bout. These people move like greased lightning. I can capture the sword at impact, but at speed? never.

Here is an example of the images I am capturing. It was from a recent competition, and it was a small moment in time that shows what everyone thinks happens all the time: a hit on the visor by a sword.




This was a low light bout, the only bit of luck I had was that the swords reflected any light in the sports hall, low as it was.

Fencing. Who knew that it was so fast paced, so energetic and an absolute pleasure to watch? The fencers, obviously.



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