Posted by: peterhact | July 21, 2013

Can I have a new years resolution now, Please?

Every year, I resolve to be better, to do something I have put off and be the better for it. This usually occurs on the first of January, with little or no success. So I have decided that the best time to make a resolution is in the financial year, not the calendar one.

In Canberra, it is currently winter. This is an ideal time to make resolutions to complete in spring and summer. I mean, when the sun is shining, who wants to set plans for the future when you could be outside, gardening, hiking or lazing on the beach? Not me. This is why I fail my resolutions. I have achieved a couple, but the big ones have been left to fester and grow blue with inaction. I have ideas now for resolutions, and they aren’t things like eating less (doing that), exercising more (doing that too) or quitting smoking (actually doing that too). They are the ones that really matter just as much as the 3 I mentioned, but I just don’t seem to get there.

So, Happy new financial year. I have my resolutions all sorted out. They will be completed by June 30.

I will take my personal journey of discovery and find out what it is I want. I will get my finances under control and I will be better for it. I will stop worrying about the future and live for today. They don’t sound much like resolutions, but they are a big step for me at least. Oh, and I will finally sort out the garden and make it a place that doesn’t make me cringe every time I look at it. (right now, in winter, the weeds have all died, but come spring and they will be back with a vengeance) I will also learn to not be a bedclothes hog and remember that if I sleep on my back, I will wake the kids up with my unholy snoring. (they have complained about hearing me from their rooms, it sounds like I am cutting down a redwood, with a rusty saw)

I will sort out other resolutions as they come to mind.

I have a year to achieve a lot, so I am going to start with a little one that I have forgotten all about. I will go to bed before midnight.

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