Posted by: peterhact | November 5, 2013

Fencing! and it doesn’t involve colorbond or palings…

I first started mucking around with Fencing when I was younger, I helped build brush fences. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the early starts and the early finishing times. There. Reference to the Fencing that most people think I mean when I mention it.

I am talking about the other Fencing, the one that builds lightning quick reflexes, gets you fit and is so very addictive.

I am talking about the sport.

Funny thing that it isn’t a mainstream sport. Australia has attended every single modern olympics to compete in fencing, never won a medal, but we keep entering and trying. As for the Paralympics, we seem to have several medallists in their ranks and it is a surprise to think that there seems to be far more interest in the sport from this other perspective.

How did I get involved? My partner is a fencer of high calibre. She has won a gold Medal, a Silver Medal and numerous other state based accolades. I am very proud of her, and she initially tried to get me involved in the sport, but I resisted. I came up with a fool-proof plan – I wouldn’t pick up a sword, if she didn’t take photographs. You can tell that would be a fail, wouldn’t you? It was. The bug had already bitten when I was taking photos of fencing, looking for the great hit shot, the one that would say “this is what the sport is all about”. I found that I was a bit of an outsider – the fencers could try and explain what the different moves were, but I had no clue about the finesse and agility of a fencer, as I wasn’t one.

Then, She showed my kids Foam sword fencing, so that they could get an idea of the sport. My daughter was hooked and wanted to fence straight away. Then, my partner was asked to take photos at an event and I knew that I was going to learn how to fence. I have had 3 lessons, I have faced small opponents, adult opponents and tonight I got to face off with some serious fencers. The difference is that the hits I managed to get were priceless to me, as a beginner, and the hits I received are going to be bruises, which I will wear proudly as a mark that I can fence and that anyone can learn.

My daughter fences with me. she is young, has no fear and loves the sport. I must admit that I do too.

In December, the National Championships will be held in Canberra. As a beginner, I am not able to compete (if I did I would have more bruises, but these wouldn’t be so good) and have to wait till I am a bit better, but I will be there to take photos. The event is open to the public, anybody can attend to watch and if your child takes an interest, maybe I will see you there or at one of the many clubs in Canberra.

It is a great sport, it is fast, it is physically and mentally challenging and I wish I had taken the opportunity before, instead of waiting till a deal fell through.

If you are interested in seeing the sport in all its glory at the National Championships, check out the link.

If you want to know more about beginner classes, there are links on the site.

Come and join me. Did I mention that Fencing is an indoor sport? no 6am freezing in winter next to a muddy field, the sport is played indoors, at night. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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