Posted by: peterhact | November 22, 2013

When should you realise that a day is a bad day?

The thing is, I didn’t realise it was going to be a bad day when I woke up. But there were some deadset giveaways as the day progressed.

The Great Exploding Toffee recipe.
When I first saw the recipe, it was called “easy baked toffee”. That should have been the first clue. Nothing that says “easy” ever is. I followed the recipe religiously, after all, what is the point of deviating from a recipe? that only leads to trouble. The toffee was caramel, ready for the oven. The setting was correct, the oven had heated nicely before I put it in…

I checked it a couple of times, then, just before the allotted 15mins had elapsed, I heard a strange thump. I turned off the oven (it is gas), opened the door…


Perfect toffee. The only problem was that the toffee should be in the tray. not over the entire surface of the oven’s interior. Cue the hammer and chisel.

Tick that one off my list of surprising things for the day.

Then there was the “exciting and awe inspiring storm that changed direction”.

I am the type of person that stands on mountains, enjoying the vista of a really great sunset, sunrise or storm. I take photographs so that I can remember these events when I can’t use the photographs in my head. This storm, however, has been hardcopied into my brain. I am never going to forget the lightning, oh, the lightning. I was taking photos of a batch of lightning off to the right of me, the left was sunny and calm. then, the storm changed direction. instead of being in a happy place where I could watch the storm pass by, I was now in the death zone, the weakest link, anyone for fried photographer?

I am not kidding. There are mad photographers like me, who get a kick out of the lightning and being close enough to feel the change in air pressure, but even they would have been as terrified as I was. The scene was just nuts. clear, sunny sky with great big bolts of death. I mean, come on, it is supposed to be black and dark and nasty so that you know that you are being an idiot in a storm. Did I mention that I have a metal tripod and a very big golf umbrella? or that I was scuttling like a crab back to the car, as it was hailing? Not the best place to be.

After I had finally got back into the car, after a couple of eek! moments as I tried to untangle myself from the camera, the tripod and the umbrella as the lightning zipped in front of me, not to the side or above, in. front. of. me. I moved around to the other side of the top hill, to wait out the hail. (and to quietly sob a bit, let’s be honest)

Then the storm passed, as storms do. And I could see perfect lightning on the hills, I could see it, but the setting sun stopped me from capturing it as I have no filters. So I took photos of rainbows, sunsets and interesting clouds. And the sun set. and the lightning stopped.


Couldn’t get any worse as a day goes, right?

err. wrong.

The Search and Destroy Cat Module was at home. He is getting very forgetful. He seems to forget daily that the litter box is a mere meter from his bed that is on top of the washing machine. He also seems to forget that the dried food, (misnamed cat nuts) are furball variety for old cats. Just setting the scene here.

I came home, went to check he was ok, opened the laundry door…

I trod on something (I know what it was), slid into the laundry and found that not only had he not eaten the cat nuts, he had not visited the litter box. And by not eating the cat nuts, he had had a yak. Furballs and urgh.

I cleaned the floor. I haven’t cleaned the washing machine, but I will have to today. Oh. and rewash the load of clothes that were in there. with disinfectant.


Then there was the surprise that at some stage before I went out, which I realised too late whilst I was out, I had left the toilet window slightly ajar to catch some cooling breezes for the house. Guess who had to clean the toilet and mop the floor?

That’s right, the cat.


  1. …or maybe it’s the best day ever?

    You lived through it!

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